about dweller--

dweller has been a dream of mine for years, something multiple friends have begged me to do for ages, and my baby + newest endeavor as of recently. to say i am living out my dreams pretty much sums it up + i am so grateful to be able to say those words. i love ethically made goods-- meaning the people who make them are treated well + paid fairly and the environment isn't harmed by the making of the goods. today's clothing, home goods, etc industries of full of poorly made items, horrid working conditions for the makers, and supply chains that harm the environment. i believe we can do so much better and the best place to start is by choosing impactful, ethical pieces for our closets. dweller was created to provide ethically made, quality clothing for your closet-- and your next adventure. here's to choosing well what items fill our closets and homes. so glad you're here! #dwellwell